Jesień + Wesele en la Lata de Zinc

En Calle Julian Cañedo, 4, Oviedo / Uviéu

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Jesień + Wesele en la Lata de Zinc

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Empieza: domingo 21 mayo 2017 Termina: domingo 21 mayo 2017

La Lata de Zinc - Oviedo
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Jesień + Wesele en la Lata de Zinc
20:30 h.

Jesień (eng. Autumn/Fall) is a musical trio from Toruń. Their music is sweet and sour, sometimes bitter, served on a cardboard plate, sprinkled with ash. Jesień want to play music that is problematic, aware of imperfections of human nature and mind, as well as of the complexity of the world of sounds, which organise themselves with garage verve, a note of irony, lyricism and a lack of respect for thoughtless absorbing of song forms.

Wesele (eng. The Wedding) is a noise punk boysband from central Poland. The duo likes to play some rythmical and solid stuff, but also with a little bit of a sentiment. They want to give all what's the best from the drum-guitar configuration. Post-punk, noisey and jazzy pieces, a powerfull concerts with a lot of what’s well known as wedding atmosphere and tension, fusion of styles in broken and distorted sound-sculpture - this is what they give you on a live set.